Norwich Slot Racing


Norwich Slot Racing has their club room upstairs at Clover Hill Village Hall, Bowthorpe, the slot car racing track had to be altered so it would fit into the room and as you can see from photos it has been worth it.

norwich slot racing track

Norwich slot racing club meets every Monday evening between 6.30 and 10pm. Practice until 7.30pm

So for anybody new to slot car racing just turn up at 6.30pm as there are club slot  &  cars and controllers to use.

At 7.30pm slot racing starts, consisting of 4 heats per driver followed by a short break and then the Finals, based upon results from the heats.

Lap Records
Clockwise Classes Anti-Clockwise
5.338 Jim Sports/GT 5.495 Jim
6.317 Jim Group Five 6.588 Jim
5.998 Jim GT3 6.034 Jim
6.022 Jim Goodwood 5.972 Jim
6.399 Jim Saloons 6.444 Jim
6.381 Jim 6.450 Jim
7.290 Jim SCX Rally 7.788 Ralph
6.379 Stuart F1 Club Cars 6.439 Keith

Norwich Slot Racing

4 lane Track

The slot car track has a lap length of 30 metre (100foot)
It is a mdf construction

Golden Oldies Team Race

Oct 8th 2017

The idea started when people would say "did you know or do you remember this or that person" and it got me thinking about finding some of those "this and that's" and possibly have some sort of team race.

The few weeks prior to to this event I managed to contact 10 ex-slot racers (but I will keep on looking) Andy Taylor, David Crowe, Geoff Mayes, Kevin Parsons, Mark Riches, Jim Utting, Philip Clarke, John Rounce, Graham Beales and Derek Mayes, of which 6 could attend. The club then provided 6 members totaling 12 in all.

Doors opened at 10.00am every one expected turned up so we ended up having 4 teams of 3 drivers and a 3-hour race.

After some reminiscing practice started, even though the controllers took a bit getting used to, these ex-slot racers where soon into the grove.

Race format was "Slot-It" to current club rules, 4 cars were supplied by Ken Mason and were each designated a lane to stay on throughout the complete race and every 45 minutes the teams changed lanes so as to even out any car discrepancies and driver change every 15 minutes.

Results speak for themselves really, Ken's team had most laps in 3 out of the 4 sessions (Andy Grear-Hardy raced for ken on 2 sessions) pretty closely followed by Peter's team who just pipped them on their final session, Nigel's & Keith's teams never made the 300-lap mark in any of their sessions. Also, every team had very consistent lap count in each of their sessions especially Keith's and Peter's teams.

It was also great that another ex-slot racer John Goldsmith arrived with Geoff and Kevin and also great to see Ray Beales who popped in for a visit and stayed a while for a chat.

Another Golden Oldies Team Race

Nov 25th 2018

Once again the thumb controllers were dug out of the loft, dusty race boxes located and we had four former racers back at Norwich for a four hour race - except it was three hours as we were down to 12 drivers. That didn't matter as everyone seemed to enjoy their racing and more importantly the chats in between.

Another former racer was welcomed back with Andy Grear-Hardy showing he has lost nothing of his pace and I hope he will turn up and embarrass us a bit more next year.

So Kevin Parson, John Goldsmith, John Rounce and Jim Utting started the standard Slot.It cars off and it soon became clear that the old competitiveness is still there. Cries of laughter when Mr Rounce shouted 'TODAY!' at a hapless marshall in a voice strangely reminiscent of a certain former Presto racer.....

More laughs when Ralph pulled out the wrong controller on a driver swop and it was a very good humoured event throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed it although my team ground its way to third. I think Keith's team won (he had Andy on his side) with Terry's team second and Peter Rix's lot last.

The regular Norwich drivers also got to play themselves in over 15 minutes rather than the usual two or three which is also really valuable.

he winning team covered 1312 laps in the three hours - there was only one major breakdown when my trusty black Lancia had a gradually expiring motor. Great fun and thanks to Keith for organising it. I hope that now some of the 'returnees' have a got a taste for slot racing again we will see some of them on a regular basis.

(Sorry never received any photo's for the 2018 team race I am sure some will apear eventually though)

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